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La Diabla
La Diabla
La Diabla
La Diabla

La Diabla


It's all in the vase, and she's a pretty fine vase (if we do say so ourselves) ūüėČ ¬†Designed by artist Jessica Hiemstra, this vase is first glazed and then the women's figure is hand carved with a knife, with a unique matte-black finish. We then fill the vase with an oversized cymbidium orchid, feathery foliage, and red roses.¬†

One Size 

Size: approximately 26" high x 17" wide 


  • Floral designs are available Tuesday - Saturday and are created for each client.¬†
  • Designs are¬†not¬†available for immediate walk-in or pickup
  • $95 minimum order for delivery on Valentine's Day, fees vary by zip code.
  • Delivery Information
  • We are unable to ship¬†floral designs¬†outside of the greater Phoenix area.
  • We do ask for the¬†recipient‚Äôs contact number.¬†Please¬†provide this number¬†to ensure¬†an efficient and¬†timely delivery.