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Our Prevention Policy for COVID-19

UPDATED JULY 2022 First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for their love and support as we’ve all navigated the past years of an unprecedented pandemic. 

The safety of our clients and staff continue to be our top priority, and we’ve adjusted our business practices to best fit the needs of our small business. .

Retail Boutique Shop

(480) 463.4887 | 4200 N. Craftsman Ct, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

SUMMER HOURS: Tues – Fri: 10:30am – 5pm | Sat - Mon: CLOSED

Our beautiful studio in Old Town Scottsdale is open to shop and we will continue to offer curbside pickup or delivery throughout the greater Phoenix metro area. Having trouble placing your order online? Please call us at (480) 463-4887 and our team will be happy to assist you with your order.  Curbside pickup means we will bring your order to your vehicle so you do not have to leave the comfort of your car. Unfortunately, during the Summer we are not offering same day delivery, but we can accommodate next day orders! 

We're opening our doors for in-store shopping and we're doing so in the safest way possible. Here's how:

  • Our shop has been deeply cleaned and we're continuing to clean it regularly throughout the day - especially after any client shopping.
  •  Hand sanitizer is provided upon entry into our studio. 
  • Contactless checkout options are available, we are also accepting credit cards
  • All high contact surfaces are regularly sanitized throughout the day and after each use. 

In-home Setup

If you would like us to setup the tablescape design you ordered online ONE team member from Flower Bar will provide a COVID safe installation. Flower Bar staff will wear both gloves and a mask while delivering your tablescape and maintain a safe distance from all of your family. We will be as prompt as possible while in your home. Typically installation takes less than 30 minutes. 

**Workshop Guest Requirements** 

Workshop clients agree to wash or sanitize hands upon entering our workshop or before sitting at any workstation. Staff will also meet client at the door with hand sanitizer.

OPTIONAL: Client agrees to bring and wear a disposable or cloth mask upon entering the retail or workshop and agrees to wear their mask at all times during workshop.

Client agrees to bring minimal personal items into the workshop. Client understands that Flower Bar has limited cash and prefers to accept methods of payment limited to credit/debit cards. Client shall lock all valuables in their vehicle - to which they alone are responsible and liable.

Client understands that only a client with a paid seat will be permitted to attend the workshop. No additional guests or children are permitted to attend with any workshop guest.

Client understands that Flower Bar (including but not limited to its’ employees, contracted staff and/or independent contractors) are willing to provide and perform professional services so long as client is compliant with the terms to which I have agreed herein.

Client understands that Flower Bar is taking every precaution to ensure that all employees and guests are not exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Flower Bar is taking the utmost safety precautions and following the guidelines and protocols as set forth by the CDC regarding COVID-19. However, client understands that he/she may still be at risk and may be exposed to COVID-19 during their visit to Flower Bar. Client further understands the potential risks of exposure to COVID-19, and is willing to assume the risks of exposure to COVID-19 by entering Flower Bar. Client understands that by coming to a workshop, such as those hosted by Flower Bar, he/she may be at greater risk to exposure to COVID-19. The risks associated with exposure to COVID-19 may result in sickness. Client further understands that sickness resulting from exposure to COVID-19 may include a slight flu, severe health issues which may include respiratory issues, and/or death. Client understands and is aware of the risks of potential exposure to COVID-19 and is willing to assume these risks and release Flower Bar (including but not limited to its employees, contracted staff and/or independent contractors) of any liability or responsibility in the event that the clients contracts COVID-19 while at Flower Bar.

Client understands that failure or refusal to comply with the terms set forth herein will result in his/her being denied entrance to Flower Bar.

Flower Bar is committed to providing professional retail visits and services to the client. The Flower Bar, LLC  (hereinafter “Flower Bar” by reference shall include its owner, employees, contracted staff and/or independent contractors) will be adhering to the strict guidelines as set forth by the State of Arizona, Maricopa County Health Department, and CDC to limit exposure to COVID-19 virus. These include and are summarized as follows:

Flower Bar will adhere to the same requirements and guidelines as outlined herein for all guests/clients.

  • Flower Bar staff will wash hands thoroughly between clients and whenever necessary to prevent the potential spread of any virus present.

  • Flower Bar staff will ensure that their hands are sanitized before & after they use/touch any shared container, tool, or display.

  • Flower Bar staff will ensure that entry and bathroom door handles and restrooms will be sanitized after each use.

  • Both parties (client and Flower Bar) shall be bound by the terms of this Agreement for a period of 1 year, or unless notified in writing otherwise due to less or more restrictive requirements as set forth by the State of Arizona and/or the Maricopa County Health department. This agreement shall be effective for both parties as of the date that client attends a workshop. Any party in breach of this agreement may be subject to legal fees and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Arizona in Maricopa County.

    I understand and agree to be bound be the terms and conditions set forth herein by purchasing and attending a workshop at Flower Bar.