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The Vesper
The Vesper

The Vesper


ONLY AVAILABLE DURING SPRING PEONY SEASON (May & June)! Once they are gone for the season we won't see them again until December.... This design is filled with peonies (everyone's favorite), tulips, and eucalyptus. It's a short list, but as the saying goes, "sometimes less is more," and we absolutely love the simplicity of this design. Both the peonies and tulips will be a combination of pastels: white, blush, and lavender . Served in a clear vase. If you have a color preference please provide that, if available we will accommodate your request. 

Standard Size Pictured

Standard Design: Peonies, novelty tulips and eucalyptus. DIMENSIONS: approximately 18" high x 20" wide.
Premium Design: includes 10 peonies and a dozen novelty tulips. DIMENSIONS: approximately 20"h x 22" round.
Lux Design: includes a dozen peonies, almost 2 dozen novelty tulips, and eucalyptus. DIMENSIONS: approximately 24" high x 24" round.


  • $95 minimum order for delivery, fees vary by zip code.
  • Pick up or delivery is available 10am-6pm Tuesday through Friday & 11am-4pm on Saturdays.
  • We are unable to ship floral designs outside of the greater Phoenix area.