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Punctuated Plant


Send a super cute plant this Valentine's Day! These adorable pots (approximately 5" x 5") are filled with a green houseplant, cactus, or anthurium for your sweetie! You tell us the plant type and we will find the perfect one to fill this container! Drainage tray optional for those *super* green thumbs.

Dimensions approx. 6” wide by 10” -12" high 

LOCATION: Indoor/ Outdoor

CARE: Care instructions based on plant selection

WATER: Watering schedule varies with plant selection 


  • Floral designs are available Tuesday - Saturday and are created for each client. 
  • Designs are not available for immediate walk-in or pickup
  • $65 minimum order for delivery, fees vary by zip code.
  • Delivery Information
  • We are unable to ship floral designs outside of the greater Phoenix area.
  • We do ask for the recipient’s contact number. Please provide this number to ensure an efficient and timely delivery.