Dark & Stormy

Dark & Stormy


A moody Valentine's Day arrangement is composed of a dozen deep burgundy premium roses, spray roses, blackberry filled branches, and magnolia branches. It is an edgy, asymmetrical design with unexpected textures and depth. Served in a gold goblet.

Premium Design includes 12 stems of burgundy roses, 6 stems spray roses, and accents of blackberries & magnolia branches.  
Lux Design includes 24 stems of burgundy roses, 8 stems spray roses, and accents of blackberries & magnolia branches.

Design details: both sizes are approximately 22" high, all around, and asymmetrical in shape. Lux design is more lush and sprawling.


  • $75 minimum order for delivery, fees vary by zip code.
  • Pick up or delivery is available 10am-6pm Tuesday through Friday & 11am-4pm on Saturdays.
  • We are unable to ship floral designs outside of the greater Phoenix area.