Barrel Cactus


A 8" barrel cactus is planted in a white textural glazed ceramic pot and is great for new gardeners!

Dimensions approx. 7” wide by 11” high

LOCATION: Indoor/ Outdoor

CARE: Keep this potted in the warmest room of the home in a bright sunny location. Direct southern sunlight may burn the plant in the height of the summer, so you should move them back from the window or turn the slats on your blinds to diffuse the light. 

WATER: 1x every month in the summer. The plants are native to the desert and rely primarily on rainfall to supply their hydration needs. During the winter when the plant is dormant only water the plant once from Dec- February. Regular waterings in the Spring will force a bloom. 

FUN FACT: The barrel cactus is known to care for lost travelers in the desert because it habitually grows tilted to the southwest.



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